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It is ironic that one of the largest sections here pertains to the site itself. In this self-serving category, you can learn all about why this site exists, what we expect (and offer) you and some links to other sites we like.

  • About
    Everything you'd like to know (and many more items you'd probably rather not) about the site that is Sorrentino dot Net.
  • Administration
    The super-secret backdoor that controls all (many) aspects of this site. Are you properly equipped to enter?
  • Announcements
    You guessed it - announcements pertaining to this site, ranging from availability notices to new features.
  • Archives
    Aren't you just the least bit curious how this site has looked in the past? Not even a little?
  • Links
    Other family sites and information on the "outside".
  • Privacy Policy
    Read all about the nasty things we intend to do with the data you give us! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Seriously, I'm kidding. This page will give you just about all the info you'll need if you are worried about the data you and your computer leave behind.
  • Search
    Looking for something in particular? Try our nifty search engine - complete with hidden "Easter Eggs"!
  • SSL
    Some basic information on the encryption we use (require) to protect your data in transit.
  • Terms of Service
    Mainly geared towards the Interactive section, what we offer you and how we expect you to act in return. You might think some of this is "common courtesy" but, sadly, it's not.

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