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Sorrentino dot Net's SSL/TLS Usage and You

    Certain parts of this site, most conspicuously anything involving managing services or requiring authentication, rely on SSL/TLS for security. In the interests of saving ourselves the $300-400/year it costs to purchase a certificate from a mainstream authority, we use a custom-signed certificate. It's just as secure as the ones you can buy (and in some cases, more so), the only difference being a third party has not verified that we are who we say we are. Your browser will complain that our pages aren't secured by a "recognized authority" and that you risk everything short of instant death by communicating with us. To counter this issue, you have three choices:
  1. Keep telling your browser that you are willing to accept the risk and trust our certificates.
  2. Download our Certificate Authority (CA) certificate (DER-Encoded version) and import it into your browser's "trusted store".
  3. Simply do not access any of our secured pages.
The last option may seem a bit harsh but the point is that nobody's holding a gun to your head and making you view these sections. While the whole (expensive) process of verifying a site is who they say they are is useful for transactions involving personal data like credit card numbers and medical data, you're not going to run into any of that here. At best, we're hoping the added encryption will keep any login information or other data you provide to us a little safer than sending it in the clear.

For a decent, non-techie explanation of what SSL/TLS does and why you should demand it when sending confidential data to web sites, see Scott's SSL/TLS page on Sinepaw.

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