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Sorrentino dot Net's Privacy Policy

Information We Collect.
When you visit Sorrentino dot Net, our server collects certain data regarding your visit. Items such as your computer's IP address, browser identification and referring URL are automatically logged when you access our web server. This information is public and transmitted by you when you view any web site, including ours. During the registration process, users are required to supply their name and a valid, working email address. Registered users are additionally given session cookies to be stored within their browser and retrieved at the server's request for identification purposes. These cookies are marked as "secure" and will only be accepted via an SSL-encrypted session with our server to protect your account security. Any other information supplied in the context of extended account information, forum postings or other submissions are completely voluntary.
How Your Information is Used.
Information contained within our server logs (IP addresses, referring URLs, browser types, access history) is used internally for statistics generation and not correlated to individual user accounts. We may also use this information on occasion in response to allegations of abuse or intentional misuse. Email addresses supplied during user registration help our automated registration system validate registration requests and help prevent the use of automated agents ("bots") to acquire accounts en masse. Passwords or other authentication information are used to identify you to our server for access to interactive features.
How Your Information is Protected.
Your privacy is important to us. To safeguard your privacy, we employ both digital and physical access control to restrict and authorize access to stored data. We will not disclose, sell or otherwise make available the information we keep to a third party, unless required by law.
How to Contact Us.
If you have any questions or concerns not covered by this document, feel free to contact us via email to privacy@sorrentino.net.

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