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Site Mirrors and the Ever-Shrinking Web

To mirror or not to mirror, that is the question my dear web surfing visitor. As any seasoned web surfer knows, pages, sections and even entire web sites vanish from the Internet daily. Providers go offline, domain names lose their luster and cease to be paid for, URLs change in site redesigns, somebody does some spring cleaning; whatever the reason, information disappears almost as quickly as it appears. Lacking valid metrics on the state of sites across the 'Net, I have no data to back up that statement, but do some quick searches or go through year-old bookmarks and you'll see what I mean.

This brings us back to why mirrors are important. In most cases, the missing pages are used as a reference by an author in an article or perhaps to show something silly, stupid or amazing. Without copies of those referenced pages, it's up to the linker to capture the essence of what they want to show you since you cannot experience the original for yourself.

After many, many years of pointing people to pages that are the digital equivalents of dead-end streets, I have decided to create local mirrors of pages we link as references. Be they funny stories or creations of others who share our family name, I believe they have the right to live on despite the circumstances that aim to flush them to the digital bit-bucket. That said, we will always provide links to the actual site in question so that, if available, you can view the original. If there is something in our archives that you believe should be removed, feel free to contact me.

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