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Happy Birthday to Scott! 27 May 2002 8:40am
    In case you haven't heard, I'm celebrating my 27th birthday today. As they say, there's absolutely nothing like some shameless self-promotion ;)
Posted By: Scott

Sorrentino dot Netmail is here! 13 Apr 2002 2:30pm
    If you've been longing for an "@sorrentino.net" email address, your wait is finally over! Even if you haven't wished for one and could care less, we're still making the offer. Be nice, form a single-file line, and try not to all rush over to the sign-up page at once..
Posted By: Scott

Wedding and honeymoon photos now available 07 Apr 2002 11:55pm
    The seemingly endless scanning, cropping, and organizing is finally done. You can view the fruits of our labor (all 400+ of them) online with our new photo album software. You may want to pace yourself and not attempt to view them all in one sitting; the effect can be overpowering ;)
Posted By: Scott

  • Apache worm in the wild?
  • Analyzing network attacks
  • Understanding FreeBSD Disklabels
  • Linux in a slump; Linux on the rise
  • VPNs and redundancy
  • Sun gets behind WS-Security
  • "Mistaken" disclosure
  • OpenSSL: Cryptography Lego set
  • OpenSSH "challenge-response" vulnerability
  • OpenSSH 3.4 released.
    Security Focus
  • CERT Coordination Center CA-2002-19 Buffer Overflow in Multiple DNS Resolver Libraries
  • Macromedia MPSB02-05 Patch Available for Buffer Overflow attack on ColdFusion MX with Microsoft IIS
  • OpenSSH Challenge-Response Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities
  • Conectiva Linux CLA-2002:502 openssh Remote vulnerability in openssh
  • RedHat RHSA-2002:127-18 Updated OpenSSH packages fix various security issues
  • Toolkit for OpenSSH Key Administration v0.5 beta
  • XLNT Procguard v1.0
  • Mod_SSL Off-By-One HTAccess Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
  • FBI nets broadband hackers
  • Trustix 2002-0058 apache
  • MSIE Uber-patch Of The Month
  • System Administrators - College or Career?
  • Review: Star Wars Episode II, Attack of the Clones
  • Verisign Ordered to Stop Deceptive Renewal Notices
  • Bitter Java
  • Prestigious Art Gallery To Exhibit Video Games
  • EA Cites MS Bullying, Says No Xbox Online Games
  • Tapping the Alpha Geek Noosphere with EtherPeg
  • Ultra Efficient Chip Cooling Passes Boeing Tests
  • The Indie Game Jam
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